Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian coffee may be the most exotic and expensive in the world, which make sense when you consider that the first coffee trees were discovered there over one thousand years ago.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is picked by hand in the mountains high above the town of Sidamo.
Then, the coffee beans are washed, and then soaked up to 72 hours in fermentation tanks. This wet process method produces intensely flavorful beans, with an intensely floral aroma, and mellow, smooth taste.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a light-to-medium-bodied, balanced coffee with a distinctive flavor. It has a mild floral aroma and a citrus-like finish as the cup cools. It is best roasted to a medium (city) roast to allow its bright and almost lemony flavors to shine through.






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  1. Vivion O'Brien Avatar
    Vivion O’Brien


    I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get Organic Ethiopean Yirgachefe coffee beans in Starbucks in Dublin. It was available late last year but not anymore. Do you still have it?

    Many Thanks.

    Vivion O’Brien.

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