Starbucks opening in Slovakia

Our beloved coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, is coming to Slovakia. This landlocked european country is lacking Starbucks, in spite of Starbucks presence in neighboring countries like Austria, Hungary or Czech republic.

After years of delay, the owner of the licence, Amrest company (operator and franchisor of Starbucks in Austria and Czech republic), published on its website that it is looking for store managers and assistant store managers for premises in Bratislava. It has not specified a date, but according to their website, it should happen in April 2016.

“We believe that Slovakia is a right place for Starbucks and to support us we are currently seeking for the right candidates to be part of something extraordinary, something what happens only once in a lifetime,” Amrest wrote on its website.

Starbucks started selling its coffee from vending machines located at OMV petrol stations in summer. It is thought that it was some kind of marketing test to establish people’s interest in the brand. Starbucks will open first coffeehouses in country’s department stores – Aupark and Central in capital Bratislava.





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