Wanna buy some shares? What about SBUX?

SBUX is a symbol for Starbucks at New York Stock Exchange. If you have enough money, would you invest them to more cups of coffee or would you buy some Starbucks stock and everytime you spend some five bucks for your drug uhm coffee, you would make some profit for your stocks.

Don’t forget that Starbucks is planning to roll out 27k new stores in the up coming years, over doubling their revenue. So what are you waiting for?






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  1. Laurice Trowbridge Avatar
    Laurice Trowbridge

    I am by no means rich, but my husband (of 33yrs) and I always say to eachother; we should buy stock in Starbucks, we drink so much of it! So just for the grins and giggles this year for his birthday in Nov. I’d like to buy him one or more. I don’t know how to do this so I need your help. We are your most loyal customers I gurantee it! Please help me out here.
    Thank – You so much!

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