Starbucks instant coffee: The story of Starbucks VIA

Is great. When I first enjoyed Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew, I was at Heathrow T5, ready for my flight to New York. I was very eager to taste VIA, because naturally I don’t like instant coffee.

But, there is a big but in this story Starbucks VIA is not regular instant coffee.
Starbucks VIA Italian roast is really big, bold, full-bodied cup of coffee, with an aroma that lingers all day as marketing brochures telling us.

I don’t know, what mystery lies behind starbucks VIA (it retains essential oils, therefore tastes better than normal drip) but for me VIA is a instant HIT.

Have you tried VIA? If so, please add your opinion in comments.





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  1. my name is ME! Avatar

    I have to say I’m not a big fan of the instant coffee and starbucks is no exception. I have 2 favorite drinks when it comes to starbucks stores. Hot drink is an american, and cold drink is macchiato (I do happen to drink the hot version of this drink as well). When it comes to hot coffee I like the bold almost bitter taste, and I don’t think the VIA delivers on that aspect. That being said, if you are moving about and don’t have time or space to be moving your espresso machine with you this coffee definitely beats other instant coffees. 4/5 stars for me!

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