Starbucks love

Starbucks love

If you really in love with Starbucks, the best way you can show admire and true love to coffee making mogul is to make your own Starbucks clone!

Choose your Starbucks name

This is crucial in a process of Starbucks making.
Choose some fresh new name which means Star and buck in some ancient language (Klingon is fine). Your new coffee name must closely resemble Starbucks.

Take a look at your fellow Starbucks-lovers from all over the world.
Xing Ba Ke is chinese Starbucks-love-company – “Xing” means star in Chinese, and “Ba Ke” is meant to sound like “bucks.” Or Starpreya also known as “korea loves starbucks”, their choose business name just like take Star and add some stuff.

Show your Starbucks-love

Logo making is even more fun than making a name. Just take their bright circular green logo, use the words “Star” and “Coffee”, add some stars and choose from remaining mythical-style illustrations (Mobydick, Unicorn, Gecko, Nymphs and ancient godess are taken).

Copyright violations? Don’t be afraid. Just register your business in some asia-country and you’re safe. Fighting copyright infringement in Asia has to be the quickest way of wasting a lot of your money.

Starbucks love






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